Fruits for diabetics : Why should a diabetic eat fruits? (Based on nutrients)

Fruits for DiabeticsFruits are very tasty and nutritious as snacks. Most of the fruits contain sugar and taste sweet. So patients with diabetes have a common question whether they can eat fruit or not. There is a debate if eating fruits is good or bad for diabetics. However in some cases the fruit is necessary for diabetes patients. Let us know some suitable fruits for diabetics.

What fruit actually is!

If most people are asked what the fruits are, then they will name some fruit. But the fruit is not really that. Do you know that we usually eat some fruits that are also known to us as vegetables? read more

How to Choose a Blender in 2018

Blenders are essential kitchen tools. They do not only save time but also make tasks easy. However, it is tough to select a perfect blender that suits you most. Here is some professional advice how to choose a blender for your kitchen.

How to choose a blender carefully for the best performance:

Types of blender

Buying a wrong blender will be a total waste of money. So, selecting the right blender is crucial. Generally, we see four kinds of blenders in the market. Manufacturers design each for a different purpose. Which one is suitable for you?

Countertop blender

If you want straightforward blending, go for a countertop blender. They are ideal for most users. These blenders are suitable for regular blending such as making smoothies and chopping soft ingredients. read more

Oster My Blend: Portable Personal Smoothie Maker

Oster My Blend

Smoothies are excellent healthy snacks for busy people. They contain essential nutrients as well as take less time to prepare. But, some people are too busy to enter the kitchen. They need something portable that makes them able making this healthy drink on the move. Oster My Blend is here to help them. This personal blender keeps you on track despite the fussy life.

Features at a glance:

  • 400-watt ice crushing, 250-watt blending power.
  • Single touch operation.
  • 20 ounce (591 ml) BPA free sports bottle.
  • 4 point detachable stainless steel blade.
  • Secure lid with carrying-hook.
  • Dishwasher safe.

Here are some good reasons a busy single person should pick this recommended blender. 

Excellent personal size blender:

It is truly personal.

If you want a cheap personal blender only for the smoothie, it is a good choice. This single serve blender let you make and drink smoothies now and then. Busy and health-conscious people will find it very handy who prefer smoothies as quick snacks on the go. read more

7 Surprising Health Benefits of Apples You Should Know

Health Benefits of Apples

Apples are the second most eaten fruit in the USA. “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is perhaps the universal phrase you have heard thousands of time. The phrase itself indicates the numerous health benefits of apples.

You hardly find someone who would dislike an apple as a snack. Smoothie or the whole fruit, no matter how you consume, apples benefit our health both approach.

How apples benefit our health

Apples help our body in many ways. Let’s have a look that experts saying about this “one of the healthiest fruits on the earth.” read more

Ninja vs Oster : Our Expert Analysis

Ninja vs Oster
Ninja vs Oster

When a war begins between the biggies, it’s tough to uphold one over the other. It needs your best analytical power to decide between two giant brands for the same kind of product. Ninja and Oster are two famous brands in kitchen appliance industry. Both of them manufacture excellent quality blenders. Users often stay hesitant and try to judge which one they should buy. For deep analysis, we have taken two bestselling models of blender from both brands. In this Ninja vs Oster debate, We will inspect few parameters to assist you choosing between them. read more

Oster Pro 1200 Plus: The Compactness with Intensity

Oster Pro 1200 Plus
Oster Pro 1200 Plus

Perhaps, your old kitchen blender has gone!

We sympathize with this unfortunate incident. Besides, the time has given you an opportunity to meet a new one.

Having something new is always exciting. But buying a new blender is not that easy. A blender with latest technologies should fulfill all your kitchen needs nowadays.

A modernly equipped blender usually costs too high. It is likely that we have found a suitable one for you.

If you are looking for a compact blender as well as on a tight budget, Oster pro 1200 plus is a great pick. read more