What is the best easy cleaning blender?

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In this review of easy-to-clean blenders, I want to tell you just about that. And it is that this issue brings many (perhaps too many) upside down when choosing which blender to buy.

That is why I want to make it easy for you with easy-to-clean blenders and opinions about them. I rely mostly on this criterion although of course I also consider the price issue. I hope it helps you.

best easy cleaning blender

What easy cleaning liqueur machine to choose?

  1. Aicok DEAFF91781-HMLW

A key to understanding why this easy to clean blender is in this review of machines for liquefying is that it brings a brush. This simple piece can make the task very easy.

However, this model also has other qualities that I want to talk about in this regard. All its parts are removable and we can wash them in the dishwasher. This saves us a lot of work when it comes to leaving it untouched.

Remember that it is essential to clean the blender after each use to avoid clogging. In this sense, the Aicok blender makes it easy. It has several ways to specify the maximum treatment depending on the type of fruit or vegetable we are processing.

It comes with a separate jug to pour the liquid. It has a weight of just over 4 kg and only generates 60 db of noise. It is therefore very silent.

Note: As I said, we must take into account when deciding which blender to buy the facility that it gives us when cleaning it. In the case of the Aicok blender I have decided to include it in this review for bringing a brush and for being removable. Otherwise all its parts can be introduced in the dishwasher and this does not damage them; with a guarantee of 2 years of added I think you cannot ask for more.

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  1. Aicok Professional Smoothie Blender

I wanted to include a second model of the same brand, this time it is a more compact one. I have done it thinking of people who do not have so much space at home and who, however, are looking for an easy to clean blender.

That is why Aicok appears again this time with a more compact model but just as easy to clean. Now, however, it is a vertical layout model. That is why it saves space compared to the previous one but does not lose functionality.

It has a LED display on its display so it is very easy to handle. The pieces where we prepare are easily removable and can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher. It comes with two bottles and two caps for the trip, that is, we can take wherever we want our preparations.

It has six stainless steel blades that together with its 1200W of power and its 24000 revolutions per minute guarantee us good results in the elaborations.

Its body is made of stainless steel (to be taken into account to wash it) and BPA-free plastics. It has locking systems to implement your security and by adding two years warranty.

Thinking that normally this type of need (security) responds to small families and with children incorporates security systems. And as many times we do not have much time if we have children at home makes cleaning easy. In short, if it is in this review of easy-to-clean blenders, it is because for all these reasons it deserved it.

Note: I think that if Aicok is one of the best brands of blenders in the market, it is because of how easy it is for us. It does so in part thinking of different types of consumers, in different profiles: in this case it offers us an easy-to-clean blender that has a more compact and manageable size with good power and various modes.

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  1. Coolife Easy Clean Blender

The Coolife blender deserves to occupy a prominent position among the candidates for the best blender award for several reasons. However, in regards to cleanliness it deserves it for a simple reason.

It consists of incorporating a quick cleaning system. We just have to introduce a dishwasher inside, put it in Quick Clean mode and operate it. It will remain intact in a few seconds.

Otherwise it has 1400W of power that reach up to 23000 revolutions per minute. This means that it can be used for different tasks, from mixing a soup to chopping ice.

It has six stainless steel blades. The whole body is made of this material and BPA-free plastics. Its capacity is 2 liters, so it is valid for a complete family. Despite this, it is a fairly lightweight 3.5 kg machine model. Thus, a powerful, compact and manageable blender.

Note: In conclusion I think this blender deserves the position in this review of easy to clean blenders because it incorporates a way that makes everything much easier. In addition it has enough power to allow us to carry out more than one task. It has a great capacity to be able to supply a whole family and it is also very light. Many reasons to place it as one of the best price quality blenders.

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  1. Philips Viva Collection

I want to talk to you about two models of the Philips brand. With that I think I say enough about its quality. However, if they are here, it is because they meet the requirements of this easy to clean blender review.

Indeed, the Philips Viva Collection is an easy-to-clean liquefying machine with removable parts that can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher.

Despite its compact and manageable design, it has 700W of power. At the same time, it is capable of making 2 liters of juice at one time. It has a large entrance hole (75 mm) to introduce uncut fruit or vegetables.

Likewise, that diameter also makes things easy for us to clean. It has a jug for juice and a pulp container that we can easily discard. Again, many cleaning facilities. Its weight is only 4 kg.

All the quality of its materials makes it not possible to break it while handling it. The detail of the two dispensers and the pulp container make it even cleaner.

Note: As I said, the one that this easy-to-clean blender is from the Philips brand is already a point in its favor. However, due to its compact size and its dome-shaped design, it is much more accessible than other models such as horizontal blenders. Likewise, all its pieces are removable and does not offer any corner of difficult access.

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  1. Philips HR 1871/70

As I put in the title in the case of the easy-to-clean blender Philips HR 1871/70 things go further thanks to technology. You cannot miss this review of machines to liquefy because it has a pre-cleaning function.

That means that it will automatically be ready for reuse in a few seconds. It can’t get easier. Otherwise their pieces are easily removable and have a design very similar to the previous model.

It has a power of 1000W and anti-drip system to be even more impolute. It has 2 speeds and a capacity of 2.5 liters. The whole body is made of stainless steel and BPA-free plastics.

Note: In short, this liquefying machine must be under review not only because Philips is one of the best brands of blenders on the market but also because of its innovative pre-cleaning technology. Apart from that, by its own design it is very easy to have it ready in a few seconds by washing it by hand or in the dishwasher. It seems to me for all this affordable and versatile.

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