5 Best Nutribullet Blenders-Which Nutribullet Should I Buy?

5 Best Nutribullet BlenderDo you look for which is more than a blender? Do you like a machine is designed to break down your fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds? Ultimately do you want a “Nutrition Extractor”? Do you have any idea about the Best Nutribullet Blenders?

Here, First of all, don’t call Nutribullet is a blender, Nutribullet is a “Nutrition Extractor”. It can do what less power blender can’t. It will cut your fruits and vegetables at the atomic level. It’s designed in a different way. It consists edge-down plastic cup sit onto a blade attached to a motor under it. The blades twist at a splendid with a powerful motor. As a result, it’s completely different from any other blender. Besides its unique design makes it faster and easy to clean. So you can test the best smoothie juice and recipes. Now pick your fruits and vegetables and drink a nutria blast smoothie juice and feel the amazing effects that are real. So it can be your health well-being with transformed thousand or millions of lives. In conclusion, it is a wonderful kitchen appliance.

Why Nutribullet Blenders?

First of all, there are a lot of option for choosing a blender. But Nutribullet such kind of blender which is one of the easiest to use and it is easy to assemble and easy to clean. If you do a juice for your diet or you just need a quick way to inject your healthy fruits and vegetables and you are time poor. Than Nutribullet blenders are the best for you. Because in your busy life, it will not only help you to maintain your diet but also save time for you. As a result, a Nutribullet blender might be just what you are looking for.

Choose Your Best Nutribullet

Now wee explain about the 5 best Nutribullet Blender. What you will get each model and for your choice that which will be the best Nutribullet Blender for you.


Nutribullet Rx


  • Capacity – It has 1.3 liters capacity.
  • Weight – It’s 3.8kg.
  • Features – It has a 1,700W motor with a one-speed setting and one blade with blade remover. It consists one tall plastic blending cup with two additional blending/drinking cups. First of all, it is easy to clean and everything dishwasher safe except blade. Besides this in this pack a recipe book and blade-cleaning brush also given.

So the Nutribullet Rx is a complete package of a blender. It is a powerful machine to twist your fruits and vegetables and make sure about your pleasure to use it.



Nutribullet Pro 900


  • Weight – and it’s weight is about 7.5 pounds.
  • Features – It has a 900W motor with the one-speed setting. But there has a difference with Nutribullet Rx. It has given two blades and two tall plastic blending cups with various size and handle. All things are easy to wash and with this compact package, a recipe book also supplied.

This nutribullet pro 900w is so powerful, lower heavier and heavy duty machine. In conclusion, it consists full instruments that you need in your kitchen. For the best choice according to the features, you can get the best idea from this comparison of Nutribullet pro 900 vs Nutri ninja.



Nutribullet 1000 Series

  • Capacity – The Nutribullet 1000 series are 0.9 liters capacity.
  • Weight – It is about 2.8kg.
  • Features – It has a 1000W motor with one speed setting with latest ‘Smart Technology’. Which twist fruits and vegetables and stop automatically. In this package, there have two blending cups in different size and which is made of steeliness steel. Besides this, a flip-top bottle cup also supplied for a drink in a move.

Hence the Nutribullet 1000 Series is an amazing kitchen appliance. It is a powerful machine and a complete package with a recipe book. It is easy to clean and all cups are easy to use.



Nutribullet Lean


  • Capacity – The Nutri Ninja lean is up to  32oz.
  • Weight – With power base weight is 5 lbs.
  • Features – Nutribullet Lean comes with full 15-pieces accessories. With 6 unique tools included for help your weight loss. It also has a blast of a bag. In addition, one special feature with is 7 days transformation plan.

The Nutribullet Lean is a super powerful machine for your kitchen. It has sharp blades for the break down your whole foods with its 1200 watts motor power. It owns its self a unique tag by its 7 days transformable plan.



Nutribullet 600



  • Capacity – The Nutribullet 600 is 0.68 litres capacity.
  • Weight –    And its weight is 3.07 Kg.
  • Features – It has a strong 600W motor with one speed programmed. It consists of two blades and three big blending cups in different size.

The Nutribullet 600 is a valuable kitchen appliance for you. It has a compact family user blender who don’t want to spend much. But it will be work also as your want of satisfaction of a personal blender. Though it is a small size blender don’t think it is not the best Nutribullet blender for you.


Is it the perfect blender for You?

The waste of people daily life is recorded for the all future generation at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. An exhibition held one day house on a blender. First of all, it is not entirely argument on an older manual blender. But one of the newest functional blender use by the people. It was impossible to imagine that they talk about the Best Nutribullet blender.

Now you can imagine about the blender that attracts a growing international attraction with people health and pleasure. I thought some of your health conscious and time poor friends maybe already have one of the best Nutribullet. You may have one as a Christmas gift, of course, it is one of the best Nutrubullet Blender.

Which Nutribullet would be the best for you?

First of all, it is up to you now that how much you want to spend. There is a few variance of a Nutribullet price. But I think you are a traditional-minded and always look for a quality product. Thus it is my recommendation that you can buy Nutribullet Pro 900. Because I personally use it. It is faster, smooth and easy to use. In conclusion, I can say that it’s a pleasure to me using Nutribullet Pro 900.


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