Best Protein Shaker Bottles 2019 – Top 10 with Quick Reviews

If you have been looking for the best protein shaker bottle then it will be so hard to find out that you expect. There are hundreds of cute shaker bottles on the market so you have to face many problems to select the best and affordable shaker bottles.

Our experts shortlisted here the best models, you can easily select your favorite shaker bottles that you are expecting.  So, no need to worry about, how to choose the best shaker bottles?

So, it’s time to take preparation for the warm weather and keep your health fit. Regular exercise makes a man fit but to maximize the effect, you may want to add supplements to your daily meal plan. For making Nutrition Drinks, Protein Powders, Smoothies, Sport-Drinks, Flavored Waters, Meal Replacement Drinks, Electrolytes, Fiber Supplements you must need a shaker bottle.

Here are our selected TOP 10 personalized or custom Protein Shaker Bottles with reviews. Scroll down.

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Top 10 Best Protein Shaker Bottles


1BlenderBottle Classic
28-ounce BlenderBall
2BlenderBottle ProStak22 oz BlenderBall
3BluePeak Protein Shaker28-Ounce
Shaker Ball
4Promixx Original Vortex Mixer20 oz
5Hydra Cup Dual Shaker28 oz
Plastic net

6BlenderBottle Sport Mixer
Shaker Ball
7PROMiXX 2.0 (2018 Model)
Vortex Mixer
8SmartShake Original Bottle
20 oz
Snap-on power mixer
9BlenderBottle Pro45
10Umoro V320 oz
Manual shake

BlenderBottle Classic

There are 5 types of Shaker Bottle designed by BlenderBottle. 5 types bottles are Classic, ProStak, Sports Mixer, Insulated, Pro32, and Radian from the BlenderBottle series. BlenderBottle Classic is the best shaker bottle because it adds a new, convenient carrying loop and flip cap design.

Product Overview

  •  28-ounce capacity (Note: It has 20-32 ounce capacity)
  • 316 surgical-grade stainless steel BlenderBall for patented mixing
  • Oz and ml Markings
  •  Patented loop top, ergonomic flip cap, and tapered spout
  •  Leak-Proof Guaranteed
  •  Dishwasher safe
  •  BPA- and phthalate-free
  •  Wide Mouth
  •  Easy to clean
  •  Perfect for Smoothies, Sport-Drinks, Protein Shakes and more


BlenderBottle ProStak

BlenderBottle ProStak can be compared with BlenderBottle Classic. It can deliver smooth shakes and smoothies. It has come with 22-ounce capacity interlocking jars and sharp blender ball. It has come with interlocking jars system.

Product Overview

  •  22 oz capacity bottles with interlocking 150 cc and 100 cc jars
  • Included sharp Blender Ball
  • You can use Interlocking jars with or without the Bottle
  •  Perfect for powders, pills, supplements and more
  •  It has come with Leak-proof Sure Seal flip cap
  •  It has also come with secure screw-on lid and loop top
  •  It has pill tray
  •  Dishwasher safe
  •  BPA-free and Phthalate-free


BluePeak Protein Shaker Bottle

One of the best features of BluePeak Shaker is its dual mixing technology. Its mixing ball can move smoothly inside the bottle. For thickest mixing, it works well. You can also use mixing guard but you can’t use both simultaneously.

Product Overview

  •  28-Ounce capacity
  • Dual-Mixing technology
  • Included shaker bottle
  •  It can mix anything
  •  Safe, Durable and Convenient
  •  Dishwasher safe and BPA-free
  •  Long lasting leak & spill


Promixx Original Vortex Mixer

Promixx shaker bottle is powerful battery-operated vortex mixer. 12,000RPM is its speed limit. It can blend powerfully. It works well equally for cold and hot smoothies, shakes, coffees and etc. For mixing shakes its motor has enough power.

Product Overview

  •  20 oz capacity
  • Powerful battery-operated vortex mixer
  • Designed with the blunt blade
  •  Measuring markers available
  •  Leak-Proof guaranteed
  •  One touch button for easy use
  •  BPA and DEHP-free
  •  Easy to clean
  •  Can mix so fast
  •  Wide Mouth
  •  Superior quality and long lasting materials
  •  Perfect for Smoothies, Sport-Drinks, Protein Shakes and more


Hydra Cup Dual Shaker

It is the best for high-performance dual shaker cup. It can deliver perfectly blended drinks. This high-storage container’s mouth is wide. You can put your ingredients on the container and can mix it perfectly. It saves your time to prepare your shakes. There are 101 ways of using hydra cup. Such as Pre-workout + Protein, Pre-workout + BCAA’s, Milk + Orange Juice, Water + Electrolyte, Cocktail + Chaser, Anything + Anything. This can be a good choice for gymnastics. It works like a gym shaker bottle.

Product Overview

  •  28 oz shaker cup
  • Dual-threat shaker cup
  • Dual mix gridz – You can make two types shake spontaneously
  •  Different color flip caps
  •  Hiking loop for attaching keys
  •  There are Volume measurements system for each side
  •  Exclusive color and design
  •  BPA and DEHP-free
  •  Easy to clean


BlenderBottle SportMixer

Blender Bottle Sport-Mixer is not only called a shaker bottle but also water bottle. It has come with a sharp blender ball. Can be easily inputted any ingredients for its wide mouth. It is made of durable Eastman Tritan plastic. It is so easy to carry anywhere.

Product Overview

  •  28-Ounce Capacity
  • Included BlenderBall (316 surgical-grade stainless steel)
  • Easy to carry anywhere for its convenient Sport Loop
  •  rubberized sport solid Grip
  •  Leak Proof Guarantee
  •  Wide Mouth
  •  Stay Open Flip Cap
  •  Ounce & Milliliter Markings
  •  Zero Odors Allowed

PROMiXX 2.0 (2018 Model)

It is made of polished stainless steel. It provides superior durability and aesthetics. Perfect for casein, soy, and other supplements, protein powders, baby formula, creatine, milkshakes, fluffy pancake batter, eggs, juices, beverages including cocktails, bulletproof coffee, and much more! It is the battery-operated and rechargeable bottle. It has more features than others.

Product Overview

  •  20 oz Bottle Capacity
  • 2018 New Model
  • Rechargeable battery
  •  Portable Vortex Mixer
  •  Stainless-steel Mixer Bottle
  •  Can deliver smooth fast
  •  easy to clean
  •  can be carried anywhere
  •  Durable and long lasting
  •  100% BPA and DEHP-free
  •  Can make supplement shakes in 5 seconds
  •  No need to shake the bottle, just click on the button and serve yourself in a few seconds.

SmartShake Original Bottle

Its design will be acceptable to all ages. Since, various types of juices can be served with it, this bottle is called all in one drinking bottle. You can easily make juice in it and carry it anywhere. It’s another unique feature, it has come with three separate storage system. If you want to carry the powder mixture then it will do a good job.

Product Overview

  •  20 oz capacity to the rim of the cup
  • Snap-on power mixer
  • Measurements up to 12 oz
  •  You can mix more than two cups
  •  Leakproof guaranteed lid
  •  Pill separator
  •  3 separate storage compartments
  •  DEHP free and BPA-free plastic
  •  Dishwasher safe, microwave safe and freezer safe

BlenderBottle Pro45

It is an extra-large shaker bottle. It has come with more powerful 12-Gauge blender ball. This heavier blender ball can mix the last bit of powder. Its storage capacity is 45 ounce, it means it is one of the biggest storage containers.

Product Overview

  •  45-ounce capacity
  • Marking up to 34 ounces
  • 50% heavier standard BlenderBall
  • The powerful 12-Gauge blender ball
  •  carry loop can be added spout guard
  •  Dishwasher safe
  •  BPA and phthalate-free
  •  4-inch diameter for the lid
  •  Easy to wash it

Umoro V3

Umoro v3 is also an affordable shaker and also it is called 3 in 1 BPA free protein shaker.  3 in 1 means water bottle, shaker bottle, and storage compartment. Its one of the best feature is its storage compartment. It can store 50cc in the lid compartment.

Product Overview

  • ✓  20 oz capacity
  •   3 in 1 bottle. (water bottle, shaker bottle, and storage compartment)
  • ✓  Full bottle markings
  • ✓  Durable and 100% leak proof
  •   BPA-free plastic
  •   50cc Storage
  • ✓  perfect for protein powder, supplements, meal replacement, pre-workout, pills, vitamins, even baby formula
  • ✓  can make protein shake within 10 second

Which features you must need to check before buying?

Before buying a shaker bottle you must check out its features. It is very essential. There are many features, so you can check according to your needs. So let’s see,

  • Storage Capacity
  • BlenderBall or other mixing systems
  • Leak-Proof Guarantee
  • Wide Mouth
  • Marking oz and ml
  • BPA and Phthalate Free
  • Can be carried anywhere
  • Perfect for everything

Our Experts Suggest

We researched the best protein shaker bottle available in the market. We saw there are huge numbers of bottles. It will be challenging to find out the best bottle for individual use. So, our experts highly recommend the BlenderBottle Classic and BlenderBottle ProStak. It doesn’t mean that only this two protein shakers are best and others shaker bottles offer poor features. It means this two shakers are the best items form the best shaker bottles list. Now it is you turn to select your desired one.

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