Best Slow Extraction Blenders on the Market

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What is the best slow extraction blender?

I want to present my review of slow extraction blenders. In it I will talk about the ones that I consider to be the best blenders   in relation quality price. I will analyze several criteria and, at the same time, those that I consider to be the best brands of slow extraction blenders.

They are called this way because instead of crushing the fruits or vegetables they are gradually pressed to extract the juice. That makes the final result better with these than with centrifugation. I hope this comparison of best slow extraction blenders in the market will help you.

Best Slow Extraction Blender

Which slow extraction liquefying machine to choose?

1. H. Koenig GSX12 – High efficiency at an affordable price

This slow extraction blender has many features to be in this review. Indeed, Koenig can be considered as one of the best brands of slow extraction blenders in general.

However, as I said, this model has some features that make it highly recommended. It is a blender for fruits and vegetables of 400W of power. In the case of this type of blender this is enough.

Remember that it is not about extracting the juice by crushing it, but by crushing the pulp. That guarantees a more homogeneous and delicious result.

It has a capacity of 1 liter; At the same time it comes with two glasses (one for pulp and one for juice). I want to take this opportunity to remember that the pulp can be used later to prepare for example jams.

It is a quite silent cold press blender and at the same time of great quality in both design and materials for having its entire body made of stainless steel and BPA-free plastics.

I want to remember that this is also an advantage when cleaning it to the extent that its parts are removable and washable in the dishwasher.

Note: I consider this cold pressing blender that, given the price they usually have, is quite affordable. It has good power, good capacity and at the same time it is silent. Koenig (one of the best brands of slow extraction blenders) offers a great slow extraction blender.

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2. Princess 202041 VitaPure – Easy for the whole family

The Princess 202041 slow extraction blender is a horizontal blender model . This, despite the fact that it occupies a little more space makes it a very simple model to use.

In fact, its handling is very intuitive and, therefore, also fun for the little ones. It has a mouth that allows us to continue introducing fruits or vegetables while preparing.

This model also has two jugs: one for the juice and one for the pulp. This issue is important insofar as we must try to find a clean blender that at the same time allows us to take advantage of the pulp. Your pieces can be washed in a dishwasher.

It has a power of 150 watts and a capacity of 1 liter. I want to emphasize that he is also able to make hot preparations; that is, with it we can also make fine and uniform creams.

Note: Princess offers us with this model a slow extraction blender adapted to the whole family, which at the same time allows us to carry out different functions. Thus, for an affordable price we can count on an excellent blender of slow extraction value for money.

3. Biochef Atlas Whole Slow Juicer – Compact and effective

I wanted to include in this review of slow extraction blenders the Biochef model for several reasons. The first is that it is a fairly compact model.

In part it achieves it thanks to its vertical layout that makes us save a lot of space . However, at the cost of it, it does not lose any of the properties that we must demand from a blender of this type.

It has a fairly wide mouth (8 cm in diameter) that allows us to introduce vegetables and food without having to cut them. This size is larger than that of most blenders in the market. It is fast in extraction largely due to its 250 watts of power . Another very remarkable aspect is its guarantee.

The materials are steel, titanium and BPA-free plastics for the entire body . Without a doubt, one of the best slow extraction blenders in the market.

Note: I consider that this model of slow extraction blender is one of the best (if not the best) in the market for several reasons that range from the manufacturer’s wide guarantee to its power, its capacity and especially its compact and robust design. It seems like a great option.

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4. Hurom HE-DBE04 – Slow Extraction Blender

In this review of slow extraction blenders could not miss any model of the Hurom brand . I say this because it is one of the best brands of slow extraction blenders.

It is so much for the quality of its designs (compact and of great quality in the materials) as well as for what it can offer us in return.

Specifically, this model has 135 watts of power and a capacity of 0.35 liters . That makes it a slow extraction blender that in a few seconds can give us excellent results in our juices or preparations.

I say it because it has several filters that make the result fine and homogeneous. The whole body is designed in stainless steel and BPA-free plastics.

I also want to highlight that it is a model that makes very little noise when working (only 40db ).

Note: In general, I consider that this slow extraction blender model is one of the options to consider when deciding which slow extraction blender to buy. It is because it has a compact size, makes little noise and can guarantee us a juice or any high quality preparation in a short time.

5. Oscar Neo XL Whole Slow Juice r – Fresh and practical

On this occasion I want to tell you about another of my favorite extraction blenders. With this I want to help you know how to choose your blender considering that you have to look at several things.

This model is especially indicated for its size and its family components . I say it because to start it has an 8cm diameter mouth that makes things very easy. In it we can introduce fruits and / or vegetables without cutting.

It has a fairly powerful 250W motor and comes with two different filters (one to “sift” the pulp and another to leave it thick depending on the preference). It also has two separate containers , one for pulp and one for juice.

All its design is compact despite being a model that could also be used for professional use due to its great capacity. I want to emphasize that his body is made of stainless steel and BPA-free plastics. For cleaning we can put the pieces in the dishwasher or clean them with the brush that has built-in.

Note: In general I consider that this model of slow extraction blender is one of the best models that exist in the market. It is valid for both private and professional use. It has good power, it is easy to clean and above all it offers an unprecedented guarantee for both the engine and the rest.

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