Ninja vs. Vitamix: Choose your best performer within the best price

ninja vs vitamixThere are many arguments with ninja and vitamix, which one is more powerful to make perfect smoothies? Which one is perfect for ice crushing, to turn ice into snow? I want to be the one to tell you the real answer. I am going to give you the each and every clue to choose among them the best smoothies blender. We are going to do that in head to head test using a unique tool to ensure objectivity. Before that, we are going to examine ins and outs both of its entry-level blenders Ninja Professional Blender NJ600 and Vitamix 5200. read more

Vitamix vs Nutribullet Blender : A Complete Comparison

You must have heard the quote that “Health is wealth”. It’s not just a simple quote, in fact, it is the reality. Most of us face many difficulties and worries about our health and fitness. We think of going to the gym, maintaining a strict diet plan, eating fruits and vegetable, etc. which is somewhat difficult to abide by. But now, with the revolution of science and modernization of life, we can make everything decidedly more accessible and useful. In the past, we used to eat raw or boiled fruits and vegetables. But now we have many kitchen appliances such and blenders, juicers etc. which can make our work more relaxed and comfortable. Our Vitamix vs Nutribullet article will help you to find out the best. read more

Ninja vs Oster : Our Expert Analysis 2019

Ninja vs Oster
Ninja vs Oster

When a war begins between the biggies, it’s tough to uphold one over the other. It needs your best analytical power to decide between two giant brands for the same kind of product. Ninja and Oster are two famous brands in kitchen appliance industry. Both of them manufacture excellent quality blenders. Users often stay hesitant and try to judge which one they should buy. For deep analysis, we have taken two bestselling models of blender from both brands. In this Ninja vs Oster debate, We will inspect few parameters to assist you choosing between them. read more