Strawberry milkshake without ice cream: Best milkshake recipes

Strawberry milkshake without ice cream

We all love having a glass of chilled milkshake at summer time. In my case, can be yours too, I drink milkshakes of many different flavors. Sometimes, I like to do the experimental combination of flavors to see which one brings the perfect mixture and contains healthy nutrition balance. Although, as a health conscious person, I like having milkshakes and smoothies every day in the morning and after hitting the gym. For me, it’s the best way to keep myself refreshed and healthy all day long whether it’s hot summer or freezy winter. read more

7 Surprising Health Benefits of Apples You Should Know

Health Benefits of Apples

Apples are the second most eaten fruit in the USA. “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is perhaps the universal phrase you have heard thousands of time. The phrase itself indicates the numerous health benefits of apples.

You hardly find someone who would dislike an apple as a snack. Smoothie or the whole fruit, no matter how you consume, apples benefit our health both approach.

How apples benefit our health

Apples help our body in many ways. Let’s have a look that experts saying about this “one of the healthiest fruits on the earth.” read more