Oster My Blend: Portable Personal Smoothie Maker

Oster My Blend

Smoothies are excellent healthy snacks for busy people. They contain essential nutrients as well as take less time to prepare. But, some people are too busy to enter the kitchen. They need something portable that makes them able making this healthy drink on the move. Oster My Blend is here to help them. This personal blender keeps you on track despite the fussy life.

Features at a glance:

  • 400-watt ice crushing, 250-watt blending power.
  • Single touch operation.
  • 20 ounce (591 ml) BPA free sports bottle.
  • 4 point detachable stainless steel blade.
  • Secure lid with carrying-hook.
  • Dishwasher safe.

Here are some good reasons a busy single person should pick this recommended blender. 

Excellent personal size blender:

It is truly personal.

If you want a cheap personal blender only for the smoothie, it is a good choice. This single serve blender let you make and drink smoothies now and then. Busy and health-conscious people will find it very handy who prefer smoothies as quick snacks on the go. read more

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Breville Boss Super Blender Review

Breville Boss BlenderHey! If you’re tired of searching for the best in class cutting edge blender, then stop and relax. You came to the correct spot. The Breville Boss Blender is the best alternative of high-end Vitamix & Ninja blenders. It has a great motor power of 1500 watts/ 2 HP. Also has 5 one-touch auto function for blending with different Smoothie function. Breville Boss is the only blender on the market having 2 separate smoothie option. So, it’s a great news for the fitness freaks who want the best kind of smoothie without hating fruits & veggies. Well… If you think making smoothies in the early morning is a tiring task, then you should be picking this thing for sure.

Items in Breville Boss Blender


Features of Breville Boss

The Ultra powered 1500 watts motor base:

The Breville Boss Blender is a 1500 watts heavy duty blender which has the capacity working beyond other blenders. By using Breville Boss Blender, it’s very easy to make smoothies from fruits & vegetables. It can also grind nuts and almonds. The amazing 2 HP motor will make your blending experience to the next level. It expands the blending opportunities by making interesting & mind-blowing recipes for everyday life.  

5 Auto functioned preset programs: The Breville Boss Blender

It has 5 intelligent auto programs. These are… 1) Pulse ice crush. 2) Smoothie. 3) Green smoothie. 4) Frozen dessert. 5) Soup.   These intelligent functions will make your blending experience more easy and enjoyable. It is the only blender which as 2 different functions for making smoothies. These will do the perfect work for your drinks & smoothies. You will be in love with vegs after having the first sip of your smoothie made by The Breville Boss Blender. It will bring positive change in your diet plans and help you with your dream fitness.  

The only blender with Auto-clean functionality:

Most of the users of blender face extreme difficulty in washing it. Because it contains a risk of getting injured by the sharp blades. Also for this, users can’t clean it in the proper way. Keeping this in mind, The Breville Boss Blender is cleaning friendly designed. It’s the only blender that has an individual program which will clean up the jar & blades. Just put some water and a bit of dishwasher soup and press the Auto Clean button. It will clean the jar & blades and don’t have to do work for it.

It also has manual functionality:

If you want your fruits, vegetables or anything blended in your own way, you can also set it in manual settings. Other blenders which have auto functions will only do everything only on its own. But with The Breville Boss Blender, you can do all your blending and grinding work in your own desired ways. Everyone wants their own ways on everything, though.  


  • It’s best for making smoothies, puree, grinding etc.
  • Controls are very useful and easy to use.
  • It has 5 auto functions for work
  • It also supports manual settings
  • Can control its speed and power using manual settings.
  • The Manual speed selector has 12 speeds for stirring to mining settings.
  • It has an 18’’ tall large 68 oz. (2 liters) Triton Plastic jar which is completely BPA free.
  • The Jug of this blender is scratch free, stain resistant which breaks much better than a glass jug.
  • You also can measure the given items in it by looking at the measurement bar on the jar.
  • It’s the only blender with Auto-clean functionality
  • It has 2 different functions for making smoothies (Smoothie, Green Smoothie)
  • This blender has advanced ProKinetix Blade System. it’s made of 3 powerful stainless steel blades for maximum cutting and blending experience.
  • It has an option for making soup with a press of a button.
  • This Super Blender is NSF certified.
  • The Breville Boss Blender is also an Ice crushing blender with Pulse Ice crush function.
  • It has an auto clean function which cleans the jug & blade with a touch of a button within 2 mins.
  • read more

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