Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender with Travel Lid

Hamilton Beach Single Serve BlenderAre you a health conscious person? Are you looking for a personal blender to make your smoothies and drinks on a daily basis? If that is true, then Hamilton Beach single serve blender is a good one for this purpose. It’s incredibly inexpensive and great size for personal use. It’s not a heavy-duty or fancy luxury blender, but you can make different smoothies and drinks easily with this blender on daily basis. Even it can blend frozen fruit with getting any problems. Most of the people love this blender and try to review it.

If you love to drink a smoothie in the morning. Then go outside with this single serve travel mug lid and before go make a fresh smoothie and enjoy drinking fresh air under sky sometimes. Also, it’s perfect for cup holder when you drive. For that reason, you won’t regret to buy this awesome single serve personal blender

Feature at a glance:

  • 14OZ single serve blending jar.
  • Car cup holder fits for portable travel blending cup.
  • 175-watt motor power for decent and balanced performance.
  • One-touch simple pulse operation for painless and fast blending.
  • Best Lightweight blender.
  • Durable bottom for standing any surface.
  • Tight Drinking lid and make it easier for the user to quaff.
  • Perfect blender for the morning smoothie, Ice drinks, protein shake and other beverage.
  • Perfect Stainless steel blade for blending fruit and vegetables.
  • Light and easy wrap-around string for comfortable storage.
  • It offers a 1-year limited warranty.

What makes Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender different?

Why is this called different? Because of this the blender you can use it as a travel cup lid. After making a smoothie, you can bring it directly with you and can place it on car cup holder during driving. Its traveling mug is so beautiful that you can go anywhere with it.

Hamilton Beach single serve blender is not costly and best personal usable blender for anyone. Even you don’t need to spend money on buying expensive drinks and smoothies. If you have this blender you can easily make your own healthy fruit, vegetable or mixer smoothie and drinks.


  • It makes a good smoothie, protein shakes, and ice drinks on the daily basis.
  • You can carry it to school, college or university dorm.
  • Blend frozen fruit very well and save time.
  • Easy to clean in the dishwasher.
  • Best use as a personal blender.
  • Best for making a morning protein meal.
  • Inexpensive for anyone.
  • You will not get any plastic smell.
  • It has nice look and you feel comfortable to travel anywhere along with it.
  • Perfect power motor machine and stainless steel blade chop frozen fruits nicely.


  • If the lid overfills the smoothie leak out from it during blending.
  • It can’t blend for making hot soup and sauce.
  • For one pulse button you need to, put your finger on it before finishing blend.
  • You can’t use more than 2-3 ice at a time.
  • This is little noisy but not much like a high-end blender.
  • The power cord isn’t big enough.

What things this blender can blend?

As a low-cost single serve personal blender, you have not expected much from it. But it’s useful to make different smoothies (not a thick), baby food, marinades, cocktails or others drinking beverage and salad dressing. If this is enough for you and you didn’t want to spend much, then Hamilton Beach single serve blender is a great choice.

Consumer Reviews

If you are shopping for a personal blender, then Hamilton Beach single serve blender will be a smart choice. Due to its top standing and over thousands of online satisfied customer feedback this is dependable than most another brand. Most of them use it to make their own daily protein shake and smoothie. They said it is a good, quiet, easy to clean and daily usable personal blender. You can visit Nutribullet series for more idea about personal blender. There is much criticism about Nutribullet series.

Some user said that the motor is less powerful and if you fulfill the lid it lacks out during blending. In that case, you will not expect much from this low pricey blender. But you won’t be disappointed to buy this single serve personal blender.

My Comprehensive Judgment

The Oster Versa Performance Blender balanced my family nutrition from the last couple of years. But I was looking for a best personal blender. For that reason, I buy this blender for using in my workplace. Hamilton Beach single serve blender with travel lid is an easy solution for busy people. And for them who love to drink healthy smoothie on the go. The price is extremely low, and you might consider this is a good buy for the reason of its blending performance. You maybe buy an extra detached travel mug and make sure not to use the unit too much. If you want a personal blender for light duty use, then I still recommended this blender.

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