how long does fresh lemon juice last?

Lemon juice has a particularly long shelf life if you simply store fresh lemons and only squeeze them when needed. If you use citrus fruits that have grown in nature, they will last for several months.

how long does fresh lemon juice last

  • The prerequisite for this is that the lemons have been grown organically, are undamaged and not cut or cut open, and are stored in a cool place.
  • You will also notice the power of lemons that have ripened in the sun when you store them with oranges. After a short time, the oranges become lighter in color and taste distinctly like lemon.
  • That is why the lemon juice from fresh, natural lemons is also very healthy. It combines all the nutrients and vitamins that citrus fruits receive during healthy growth and passes them on to you when you eat them.
  • To get the juice from a fresh lemon, you can cut it in half. Now you can squeeze the juice out of the lemon by hand or use a citrus press.
  • If you only need a few drops, you can put the halved lemon back in the fridge and use it again if necessary. You will see that a new protective skin will quickly form over the cut side. You can therefore use the halved lemon as long as it still smells good, looks good and contains juice.
  • If it’s dry, moldy, or smells bad, use a new lemon.
  • Alternatively, squeeze the entire lemon and pour the juice into a container. Put this in the fridge as well. The freshly squeezed lemon juice should now be consumed within 3 days.

Use another lemon juice

You get most of the nutrients from organically grown lemons that have been grown in the wild. If the lemons are not organically grown or grown in a greenhouse, they contain fewer nutrients. They also have less power and therefore do not last as long.

  • You can tell, for example, by the fact that the color of the lemon is not rich yellow. Usually it is only a delicate yellow or yellow-green. This also applies to citrus fruits that are not fully ripe, which then also contain fewer nutrients. However, there are also green-skinned lemons. So pay attention to the variety.
  • Citrus fruits often also have a thinner, less robust skin. This makes them more susceptible to bruises, injuries or pests. This also reduces durability.
  • You should therefore consume these lemons quickly and not use them for longer than 3 days, even if they have been cut or squeezed.
  • Bottled lemon juice that you buy in stores also contains fewer nutrients. Since vitamins and other vital substances are lost during preservation and heating, you should also pay attention to the most natural production possible and few additives.
  • If you’re just after the lemon flavor, it’s also a good alternative to fresh juice, as it can keep for several months. However, pay attention to the expiration date printed on it and store it in the refrigerator.
  • Homemade ice cubes made from fresh lemon juice are ideal for the fresh lemon taste. Although these contain fewer nutrients, they can also be used for several months. They are a good idea, especially if you want cool citrus freshness in your drink in summer.

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