Strawberry milkshake without ice cream: Best milkshake recipes

Strawberry milkshake without ice cream


We all love having a glass of chilled milkshake at summer time. In my case, can be yours too, I drink milkshakes of many different flavors. Sometimes, I like to do the experimental combination of flavors to see which one brings the perfect mixture and contains healthy nutrition balance. Although, as a health conscious person, I like having milkshakes and smoothies every day in the morning and after hitting the gym. For me, it’s the best way to keep myself refreshed and healthy all day long whether it’s hot summer or freezy winter.

Everyone has their different choice of flavors and every flavor has its taste, whether it is smoothie or milkshake. And there are hundreds of different ways to make milkshakes. For me, I like the strawberry flavor the most. It is because strawberry has a natural sweetness and contains a ton of vitamins and minerals. It is excellent for controlling sugar level and helps to keep you fit.

For the sake of this being my favorite flavor, I tried lots of different ways to make the strawberry milkshake to find the best and most healthy way to consume it. After trying many of different flavors (of course, all them were also good), I found strawberry milkshake without ice cream as the best option for me. Because it is organic and free from any edible flavors such as Ice-cream. So, today I will share the best and most efficient way you can make the strawberry milkshake without ice cream. The best part, it’s only with those items which are always available in your kitchen.



You don’t need a super powerful blender for making milkshakes. Although, they are handy for many other usages in the kitchen. For making this, I have used the NUTRIBULLET Rx Blender. Because it’s my personal favorite and it gives the best results for making any milkshakes. As it’s customized for this by the manufacturer itself. There are also plenty of blenders which you can use to make the perfect milkshake. But the fact about picking a blender for making a milkshake or whatsoever is not to blend it only. An ideal smoothie maker for any kitchen is if it can bring out and extract the nutrition from the elements giving into it. And for this, I have chosen NUTRIBULLET Rx Blender as it fills my all the criteria for making the best strawberry milkshake without ice cream. And the biggest point is, it is in my budget. If you want to pick the best blender for your daily use, then you can check the link and find the ideal one for yourself. It may look a hell of a recipe for a milkshake. But, here I’ve tried to explain the point about the flavors, the tools, necessities and everything.


BASIC INGREDIENTS (For strawberry milkshake without ice cream):

10 to 12 pieces of fresh strawberries,

6-8 ice cubes,

2 cups of mil

2-3 tbsp. white sugar (as per your taste)

1 tbsp. vanilla essence or extract



Preparing time: 5 minutes

Cooking time: 1 minutes

Total time: 6 minutes

Serves: 2 glass milkshake


Instructions for preparation:


Measure out 2 cups (475 ml) milk, 1 tbsp. vanilla essence, and 10-12 pieces of fresh strawberries into the blender. Blend it for 20-30 seconds. You can do it as much as you want, but keep in mind, the much you blend, and it will lose it thickness.


Add 2-3 tbsp. of sugar into the blender. Blend it for more 10-15 seconds to mix the sugar properly.


Then add the ice for blending. If you use crushed ice, it will not keep solid pieces of ice in it. My suggestion is to add the ice later as it does not make the milkshake runny.


Then serve it in a glass of a jar whatever you want and enjoy it. You can also add some chopped pieces of strawberries on the top for making it more attractive.

And that’s all you need to make the perfect strawberry milkshake without ice cream.



Use fat milk to get the texture of the milkshake. As it does not contain ice-cream, if you use regular low-fat milk then you can receive the watery and likely thinner texture which you may not like. Or you can also make the milk a bit thicker by mixing half of the regular milk and half of the heavy cream milk. It will not increase the thickness way so much and also you will receive the best consistency of the milk. Also, you can use frozen strawberries too for making this milkshake.

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