Ninja Kitchen System Pulse Blender – [Buyer’s Guide]

Ninja Pulse BlenderThe Ninja Pulse Blender is one of the most durable, handy kitchen system and best food processor to buy in 2018. If you are looking for a juice extractor, stand mixer, food processor and professional blender, you have to spend over $1500 for those four appliances. Or you can find all those functions in this fantastic Ninja Pulse Blender.

Ninja market best seller always comes with different model and design. You can see Ninja mega kitchen system is entirely different than Nutri Ninja pro blender. But most Importantly Ninja made their product base on customer satisfaction, needs, and choice. That’s why Ninja build this kitchen blender. Ninja kitchen system pulse bl201 is very economical and versatile to make a different type of food, smoothie, knead and pizza dough. Let’s see, is it look promising to you or not?

Ninja Kitchen System Pulse: Feature and Benefits

Ninja Kitchen System Pulse

  • 550-watt motor with total crushing technology.
  • Two 16 Oz cups and a 40-ounce food processor bowl.
  •  Single serve cup to drink on the go.
  •  BPA-Free and Dishwasher safe cups and bowl.
  •  Very consistence blender for food processing and creamy smoothies.
  •  Four amazing removals sharp blade.

What to expect from this modern Ninja Pulse Blender?

This Blender is somewhat smaller than Nutri Ninja Auto IQ. Its motor power is 550-watt where Ninja Auto IQ is 1000-watt. But I think you didn’t expect much power from a low-cost blender.

It comes with two 16 OZ cup where you can make a decent amount of smoothie and drink on the go. It also comes with a 40-ounce food processor bowl and a total crushing blade which allows you to chop ice and frozen fruit continuously. The 16Oz and 40 Oz cups are very easy to clean. But be careful when cleaning the blade or you’ll cut your finger.

Although, it has a 550-watt motor power its large motor can hold up longer for making enough kneads and pizza dough. For that reason, consumers are still happy to buy this Ninja Pulse Blender. The most significant attraction of this blender is low in cost, and you can use it as a four different appliance. But the question is how long it can hold up during make kneads and pizza dough.


  • It can pulverize frozen fruit and veggies without getting any trouble.
  • Capable of making knead and pizza dough.
  • Great for protein shakes.
  • Easy to clean and usable system.
  • A compact size blender for the kitchen.
  • Great Multi-Use Blender.
  • Great deal for the money – very convenient.


  • It doesn’t blend grass-fed-butter.
  • A little bit louder. But not so horrible.
  • It does the poor job while blending ice cubes. As a result, it takes a long time for crushing ice suitably.
  • It has no on/off button. For that reason, you have to press the container continuously.
  • Cup isn’t enough for more than one people.

What things this blender can blend?

If you are looking for a versatile blender and don’t want to spend much, Ninja Pulse Blender can be a perfect one. I already explained to you how it is capable of chopping ice, frozen fruit, vegetables, leaves and making cookie and pizza dough. Now, it’s time to see it in action.

What do customers think?

Before you buy this blender, you have to look forward what customers think about this Ninja blender. If you visit in Amazon, the majority of customers love this compact and versatile blender. A lot of them saying that it made consistent frozen fruit drinks, smoothies, and dough. Again a few of them saying the cup was too small. But there are others who like to use it in the gym workout.

Customers are very much pleased having dough functionality in this short range price blender of 2018. Even they said the bowl is suitable for use as a food processor and ice crush. While a few of them have not good experience during mixing dough, customers still love to buy this excellent Blender.

My Overall Opinion

The Ninja Pulse Blender is perfect for them who are looking for a cheap blender. Although its price is low, it is capable of making ice drinks, cocktails, sauces, chopping frozen fruits and mixing the dough. But don’t mix dough every day. Otherwise, you may experience burn problem. The great news is that if you aren’t able to buy a high-end blender. Then you can feel the taste of professional blender using this cheap blender. This kitchen blender will be a smart appliance in your kitchen.

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