Nutri Ninja Auto Iq Reviews – how good really is it?

Nutri Ninja Auto Iq reviews
Nutri Ninja Auto Iq reviews

Nutri Ninja BL482 has come with Auto IQ Technology and low price. There are also many debate disputes about its high technology and performance. So this article is only about of Nutri Ninja Auto Iq reviews.

The Nutri Ninja Auto Iq Blender is not only ideal as a best personal blender but also the best blender for ice and making smoothies. Especially it can easily crush ice and hard food and also make nutrient smoothies. So you can purchase by seeing the Nutri Ninja Auto Iq reviews. 97% of people are in favour of this.

Highlighted Features:

• Auto IQ Technology
• Pro Extractor Blades
• Digital countdown timer displays
• High-speed performance
• One-touch operation
• Nutrient & Vitamin Extraction
• Very cheap as Nutri Ninja Auto IQ system
• BPA Free Nutri Ninja Cups

These Nutri Ninja Auto Iq reviews are not only based on consumer satisfaction but also its performance and popularity. These Nutri Ninja Auto Iq reviews are made by doing good research and also it has made it to the top list of best single serve blender for its performance. Let’s talk about its features and performance.

Auto IQ Technology

Nutri Ninja Auto Iq has come with auto iq technology. Which is so essential for busy life. It knows what to do. Pulsing and pausing patterns to deliver is great auto iq programs, just press one button and automatically it will deliver within a specific time.

Pro Extractor Blades

It has come with 1 set of Pro Extractor Blades. Which is capable to break down whole fruits, vegetables, seeds and any hard foods. It also shows high-performance for ice crushing.

The digital countdown timer display

One of the great features is digital countdown timer program or system. You can select your specific program in the digital countdown timer for remaining and it will show and count up to track blending time while using the two manual speeds.

Easy to use

Already you understand how easy to use by seeing the Nutri Ninja Auto Iq reviews and other features. So no need to worry because it’s not hard to use. Just press the start button and set the program and it will automatically switch off and deliver your delicious drinks with maximum nutrient.

BPA Free Nutri Ninja Cups

It has come with 2 BPA free Nutri Ninja Cups (24 oz. and 18 oz.). 2 BPA free cups has come also with Sip & Seal Lids.

High-speed performance

High-speed performance is the need for each personal blender because it’s one of best features. Nutri Ninja Auto iq blender has come with 1000-watt motors. 1000-watt power motor is enough for single serve blender. It features quick programs that combine unique, blending, pausing patterns and timed pulsing.

Easy to Clean

Most of the Nutri Ninja Auto Iq reviews in Amazon is appreciate its cleaning matter. All parts of Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ Blender (BL482) are BPA free and dishwasher safe so we can easily understand that it’s so easy to clean.

This video will show you the Nutri Ninja Auto Iq personal blender in action and actually how to use it:

By Nutri Ninja Auto Iq reviews you can know how good really is it?

It will be clearer here. By pros and cons, you can get more conscious knowledge about the benefits of Nutri Ninja personal blender. The following pros and cons are made by the user’s reviews.


• Auto-IQ comes with 30 recipes
• Auto-IQ technology
• 1 set of pro extractor blades
• Automatic blending
• You can control it manually
• Can break down whole vegetables and fruits and hard foods
• Best work for ice
• All parts can be easily distinguished


• Noise level 8/10 but tolerable
• Plastic gears that connect the drive socket to the blade housing, the plastic is not so durable
• Powerful motor generates more heat like other personal blenders.
• Another issue is Gasket Ring.


In the end of the part of Nutri Ninja Auto Iq reviews, we can say all the single serve blender has come with the good and the bad sides. Statistics show that Nutri Ninja Auto IQ blender is more affordable than other personal blenders because of its Auto IQ technology and High-speed performance. You can compare it with any high-quality single serve blender.
I also recommend Nutri bullet pro 900 blender as a best personal blender. Most of the features are similar in different ways as Nutri ninja auto IQ personal blender.

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