Nutribullet Magic Bullet NBR-1201R: A Hi-Speed Blender

By the passing of time, we have changed our food habits and nutrition plans. Also, we got to know the better ways to consume and keep ourselves more fit and healthy. By this, the invention and recreation of new appliances made our life easier and faster. It also happened with the food and kitchen item and appliances. Many new things have been designed such as blenders, grinders, microwave ovens, etc. which has made our daily works for more comfortable. But now, the technology has so progressed that we can get the most of the work done by a single thing. Today, I am going to introduce you something like this. A blender which can be a blender, juicers, grinder and even an extractor. Yes, I’m talking about the Magic Bullet NBR-1201R. And I’m going to share my personal user experience with you, every good and bad thing I’ve seen in it. It will help you to find the best blender for your kitchen.

Nutribullet Magic Bullet NBR

What’s In the Box?

With the Magic Bullet NBR, you will get 12 piece items. It includes different sized cups and lids, a handy manual etc.

  • 1x 600-watts High-torque Power Base.
  • 1x Large Cup.
  • 2x Small Cups.
  • 1x Extractor Blade.
  • 1x Milling Blade.
  • 2x Stay-fresh Lids.
  • 1x Handled Lip Ring.
  • 1x Regular Lip Ring
  • 1 User Manual & Cookbook.
  • 1x Pocket Nutritionist.


Basic Summary (Magic Bullet NBR-1201R)

Here, I have tried to show the whole aspect of this blender by bullet points rather than description. So that, you can, at a glance, get the understanding of good and bad side of the Magic Bullet NBR in seconds.


The positive sides:The negative sides:
It has 600-watts powered power base.Blades are not suitable for crushing ice.
It has different sized cups and lids for multi-purpose usage.Things may get stuck while blending.
It is optimized for shredding, cutting, blending and chopping.It can leak if cups get overfilled.
Cups and lids are BPA free and dish-washable.It is a bit noisy.
It is very lite weight.The blades are not dishwasher safe.




Motor0.80 horsepower
Electrical Ratings600 watts
Dimensions12.9" x 13" x 9"
Capacity3 Cups
ColorsRed, Grey, Blue
Weight3.6 lbs.
Warranty1 year
Made inChina




  • 600-watts motor power base

When it comes to power and efficiency, Magic Bullet NBR features 600-watts power base. Even though it is very small and compatible in size. 600 watts is quite a right amount of power for such a compact blender. But please, don’t overlook it for 600 watts. It has such abilities which are not available on mighty powerful blenders in the market. But the best part is, it’s a hassle-free appliance which does your work without doing any guesswork. Its intelligent program can understand the type of item you put, and it will work like that all the day.


  • Various Cups and Lids:

While other blenders come with limited pieces of items with the blender, it has three (3) sized Cups. 1 Large size cup which can use for blending, juicing, making smoothie shredding. Also, there are 2 Small size cups which can use for grinding, mincing etc. You can do anything with these cups.
It may sound pretty common as cups are also available with other blenders. But, a simple item makes this blender super handy and portable. You can even carry the cups or even store the items in the cups as the blender has Lids. You can lock the blended elements in the cups by the use of lids, and also you can carry it anywhere as it is portable.


  • Slice, Blend and Dice anything:

No matter how powerful the motor is, how many programs are in it but if the blades are not right then everything is useless. Well, Magic Bullet NBR gets your work easier. It has metal cut finished blade which cannot get beaten. Moreover, it spins in a cyclonic way which cut, chops, blends, mix, grinds, slice everything without any wastes. This feature works for those who want their smoothie or blending to be perfect.


  • Performance:

As per above description, you may have known the core features and abilities it has. If you think of its performance, you are bound to get amazed how this small sized blender performs. It can blend, slice, chop, grind, mince, mix and extract. It has storage ability as mentioned above. If you want to make smoothies, you can do it. Do you want to blend anything? It gets done in no time. It makes your life easier and works hassle-free.


  • User-friendly:

It has no problematic or difficult input functions for confusing you. It has minimalistic design and high intelligent programs which not need manual input. Yes, you read it right. So, you don’t have to guess or calculate the power, type or time for blending anything. You put the item into the container, and there you go. Its intelligent program function will detect the item. And the works needed will get done to give you the best performance guarantee. That much user-friendly this blender is.



  1. Using this for anyone is effortless. It works fast. If you want fast output or in a rush, It will do your work in BULLET speed.
  2. It has a powerful 600 watts/0.8 HP power base for blending for your desired item.
  3. The blender has a new dimensional minimalistic design.
  4. It blends everything, and nothing gets wasted.
  5. Gives best results while making smoothies.
  6. It Busts open the seeds, cracks through stems and can shred tough skins of fruits and vegetables. It breaks the healthiest ingredients and extracts all vital nutrition from it.
  7. This can even grind coffee beans so that you can enjoy the pure and blissful taste of real coffee.
  8. It comes with different sized and types of cups which can also be used for storage.
  9. The use of lids makes the cups portable.
  10. The blender is very lite weight and compact in size. It does not take much space for storage as it is quite small at the size.
  11. The blender comes with a variation of colors. Such as Blue, Red & Grey.
  12. It comes with handy user manual & cookbook. So that anyone can efficiently use the blender & make delicious drinks and dishes.
  13. The blender also comes with a nutrition book which is very helpful. It has a bunch of tips and ideas for a healthy lifestyle.



  1. People say ingredients get stuck under the blade which would need manual cleaning.
  2. If you don’t assemble or set the things in the correct way, it may leak from places.
  3. If overfilled, it will leak.
  4. It seems like the blender is not so efficient for chopping ice like snow.
  5. Not suitable for blending very hot items.
  6. It’s quite noisy, to be honest.


My Honest Review

Do you have any other question regarding which Nutribullet should I buy? I have personally used this blender for a couple of years. To be fair, I liked it very much as it is very efficient for me and compact. It’s very durable and you can use it 4-5 times a day. I have used 3-4 times a day as I used it for making smoothies. It gave me best result, and I can do my work without any functional inputs. It only needs to power up, and ingredients need to put in the container. Then it starts its work. No need for time & speed measurement or guesswork, which saves most of the time. The Magic Bullet NBR is a high functional appliance, and it also has a fascinating design. This makes the blender look more attractive than others.

There is no doubt you’ll get the best-expected performance from it. It will not only blend for you, but it will also do the work of 2-3 kitchen appliance all by itself. You don’t need to invest and buy yourself a separate juicer, mixer & grinder. So, the Magic Bullet NBR is the best blender for daily kitchen use. Not so expensive, yet very useful and efficient in work. Also, each part and other extra parts are available. It’s for your further need as the blender, and its component is durable and won’t need.

since it has many of good uses, there are some drawbacks as like others. It’s not a super powerful blender. Of course, how much power do you expect in this budget? Also, many of reviewers in Amazon have described the problems they faced. Well, I have encountered some issues few times but not permanently. So, if you are looking for the cheap powerful blender, then Magic Bullet NBR can be the best choice for you.


How can I buy this?

At last, If you think this blender is the best choice for your work and want to check the latest deals for Magic Bullet NBR Blender, then click on the button below.



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