Oster My Blend: Portable Personal Smoothie Maker

Oster My Blend

Smoothies are excellent healthy snacks for busy people. They contain essential nutrients as well as take less time to prepare. But, some people are too busy to enter the kitchen. They need something portable that makes them able making this healthy drink on the move. Oster My Blend is here to help them. This personal blender keeps you on track despite the fussy life.

Features at a glance:

  • 400-watt ice crushing, 250-watt blending power.
  • Single touch operation.
  • 20 ounce (591 ml) BPA free sports bottle.
  • 4 point detachable stainless steel blade.
  • Secure lid with carrying-hook.
  • Dishwasher safe.

Here are some good reasons a busy single person should pick this recommended blender. 

Excellent personal size blender:

It is truly personal.

If you want a cheap personal blender only for the smoothie, it is a good choice. This single serve blender let you make and drink smoothies now and then. Busy and health-conscious people will find it very handy who prefer smoothies as quick snacks on the go.

Its 250-watt motor prepares excellent basic smoothies. It produces very low noise and does not disturb others. Now, you can blend and drink your favorite smoothies anywhere you want.

Its BPA free Tritan sports bottle holds 20 ounce of liquid, which is enough for single serve.



It gives better mobility in busy life. Its small motor base seemly fits on your desk. The blending jar is a portable smoothie bottle that let you drink on the move.

The bottle comes with a secure travel lid. So, you can take it safely in your backpack or gym bag. Besides, it fits in most car cup-holders. The lid has a hook to bring it anywhere. Oster also offers carrying-clips to fix the bottle outside your backpack.


Easy to use and clean:

The usage of this stylish personal blender is dead easy. It operates with a single touch that everyone can use. Undoubtedly, It might be a nice gift for your grandparents. Put ingredients into the bottle and press the blending jar against the motor base. Now remove the detachable blade and secure the lid. Your smoothie is ready.

After you finish drinking the smoothie, do not think the empty bottle useless. You can refill any other drinks or use it as a stylish water bottle.

This plastic made sports bottle is dishwasher safe and very easy to clean. Fill it half with water and drop some detergent. Now blend for 5 to 10 seconds. Keep the bottle and the base dry.


Multi-color option:

Most blenders come with metallic color. You cannot customize the color how you want. Here, it offers several color option. You may choose any, such as blue-white, teal, black-blue, green, orange, pink, and black-gray. Oster provides an additional bottle of each color as well. Several members of a family will be able to choose their favorite color bottle.


Free Recipes:

This small size blender is entirely a smoothie maker. You must know some quick recipes for instant healthy drinks. You will get some easy smoothie recipes included in the user manual.



  • This device is completely a single serve smoothie maker. It cannot perform heavy blending.
  • Though it can crush ice, the cubes should be smaller.
  • It chops soft fruits and ingredients such as banana, berries, apple yogurt pretty well. You cannot blend hard ingredients like seeds and nuts.




If you are an active person always on move and smoothies are your regular snacks, Oster My Blend is for you. You will enjoy its portability, which will allow you make and drink healthy smoothies daylong. Moreover, you will rarely find a single serve blender offering the multi-color option and excellent performance at such cheap price.

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