Best Time to Take Protein Shakes

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Take Protein Shakes

Although there are many people who go to the gym to exercise and be healthy, there are also those who want this exercise to manifest itself with a more colorful body. This can be achieved through hypertrophy, the growth of muscle volume. The workouts that must be done to increase the volume of the muscles are similar to strength exercises. In the case of these hypertrophy workouts, it is convenient to make use of supplements such as you can fix the time to take protein shakes.

What are protein shakes and what is the importance?

Protein shakes are a processed product that is marketed to obtain extra protein nutrients. The most common way to find proteins in different products is powder (very similar to milk powder). This product can be mixed with water or other liquids. After completely mixing and getting a homogeneous texture, the smoothie will be perfect to drink. If instead of buying smoothies in the market you prefer to make them yourself, check out this video on How to make protein shakes.

We must bear in mind that there is a lot of mythology regarding these shakes. So, it is worth remembering that their only objective is to provide extra protein to those who want to increase the volume of their muscles and that, only with the diet, they can’t do it. All protein shakes do not contain the same ingredients. So, all protein shakes will not act in the same way in the body.

The dangers and risks of protein shakes

If the shakes are consumed properly according to the manufacturer’s instructions, there is no health risk. You may have heard that its consumption is associated with diseases such as hypertension or increased cholesterol. But the truth is that these problems are generally associated with all hyper protein diets.

If you plan to start consuming this type of supplements, it is best to tell your GP and undergo a blood test every so often to make sure everything is under control.

Who should drink protein shakes?

It is important to keep in mind that the consumption of this product is not the one that generates the muscle, but it is the exercise in the gym or the corresponding muscle building routines that allow the development of the muscle, which is nourished by the proteins previously ingested thanks to the milkshakes This means that if we consume these shakes but do not exercise, not only will we not get a muscular body, but, most likely, we will gain weight in the form of fat.

For this reason, only people who exercise with the goal of developing muscle hypertrophy should drink protein shakes. Protein shakes are always a supplement to the diet, never a substitute for the usual meal. In fact, completely replacing normal food with protein shakes can lead to serious health problems.

Best Time to Take Protein Shakes:

Each person has specific characteristics that can make the effect of this type of supplements slightly different depending on when it is consumed. However, three general moments can be established that would be the most appropriate for the intake of a protein shake:

Take in the morning

After sleeping through the night and before eating any food, the glycogen in the liver is completely depleted, so that the muscles enter the letter phase. In addition to the normal breakfast you normally consume, lunch time is a good time to drink a protein shake. Thus it will provide the extra content necessary to keep the muscle in perfect condition.

Take before training

Another of the most common moments to drink a protein shake is before training. In this way, you make sure you have the necessary nutrients during training. The protein shake may be recommended before training especially when you are going to do strength exercises.

Protein shakes after training

Right after training is when the muscle has depleted all its glycogen energy reserves, so it needs new nutrients. By taking a protein shake right after training, you will ensure that your body receives both the energy and the proteins. In this case, it will help to rebuild muscle tissues damaged by the work done.

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