Vitamix 5200 Blender Review : Best Vitamix Blender

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Vitamix 5200 Blender

The purpose of modern technology is to make our busy life more joyful and provide us more time to do something more. Kitchen applicants mean a lot because we need good, tasty and healthy food. But where shall we get that much time to prepare all? So before buying kitchen applicants, we search on the internet to find quality products which will last longer than other and on which we can depend. That’s why you are here today!

Brands mean a lot to us because we can depend on the name. We don’t want to slow down our life and don’t want our blender to be a wicked one when we need it most, right? If you think in this way, then you should go for Vitamix 5200 Blender. You don’t need to compare it with its market competitor because it will do all the things you need to do.


Basic Features of Vitamix 5200 Blender

The accessories come with this blender includes a 48oz container instead of the 64oz container, so that means the container is smaller than the regular size. If you need additional containers you can buy them too. With all the accessories comes with it, it can be a real muscular blender and show some robust performance. This is made to handle the pressure of regular and rapid use.

It has a cooling fan which is a useful feature that makes it cool at the time of heavy use or blending hot food items. I have talked with many users who use it very roughly. They said that they use this machine five to ten times a day and it is performing very well year after year. So a moderate use of this Blender will make it the last blender of your life! It comes with a seven years warranty which is extendable up to ten years.


What can I do with Vitamix Blender?


stainless steel blades


Well, You can do whatever you want ! I mean, this is a reliable and outstanding blender with very good quality stainless steel blades, so it is ready to face any challenge. Though there are some other blenders which are available at a cheaper rate but still delivers great power. COSORI 1500 Watt Professional Blender provides 1500 watt and Nutribullet Rx Blender provides 1700 watt. You can check out those too.

For dependency and versatility, Vitamix 5200 would always be the better choice if you can spend some few more bucks.  As a versatile blender, It can make frozen desserts, nut butter, soups, sauces, whole grain flours, beauty creams, face masks frosted icing and scrubs, crushed ice, Juices(needs some extra accessories) etc. It can make the soup too! With this one, you can efficiently cook soup. I don’t think you need more things to do with a blender for your everyday purposes.


Why You Need Vitamix 5200?

Vitamix 5200

This 11-pound machine is a beast of its category.It is robust, reliable and ready to perform your everyday tasks. This machine is pretty expensive compared to many other blenders of different brands. But it worth that price tag because of its performance. It will never disappoint you by getting ruined under pressure. It has variable speed control like the professional series blender which costs more than high price. So this is a bridge between professional and ordinary blenders. So spending your money on it is apparently reasonable because you are going to get a blender from one of the best brands in the world.


1. You can do hot soup and just in a minute a frozen cocktail, that’s interesting, right? This is possible because of the versatility of this blender. Most of the people choose it because of its all-around performance.

2.Frozen fresh fruits, some milk, and the blending boom! Healthy tasty ice cream is ready for you and your family. Many people have shared their experience about how easy to make a delicious frozen cocktail with it. My personal favorite is frozen mango with coconut milk with strawberries for color.

3. It is user-friendly. It’s easy to use and clean it.

4. The company provides excellent customer support for all of its customers.


1. Many of the customers have complained that the machine is noisy. It is true that because of the powerful motor of the blender it makes noise.

2. The blades are fixed so you need to be tricky to get all the foods. It causes problems at the time of cleaning.

3. I would personally instruct you to not run the blender at a lower speed for a long time. Because It causes damage to the motor as per the statements of many users who have faced this problem.



My personal verdict

I think this machine won’t make you unhappy as it is strong, powerful and robust. And Vitamix is a reliable brand for making kitchen components. You may go for a cheaper blender like Oster Pro 1200 Plus if you don’t have the budget for this one. This blender makes more noise than its newer models of the company but still, it is a name of trust for many users around the globe. I have one 5200 that’s 5 years old now and I am personally very much satisfied with it. So if you have the budget to buy a good quality blender, you should go for it. This machine is not cheap, but as a lifetime investment for the health of your family, it represents great value for the money.

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